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  • This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

Events Diary


The conference takes place on Tuesday 7th March 2018 at ETC Venues in the heart of the City of London

The leading conference for the London Residential Development Market returns in March, with hundreds of the leading organisations and investors attending.  The Event combines high level market analysis with excellent networking opportunities, and is now in it's 11th year.

The agenda completely updated to allow delegates to be fully up to speed on all the key issues in London Resi Development and offer a look into the future of the New Homes Market.

There will be a detailed market update, looking at what the political landscape means for the market, plus detailed analysis of sales, supply and demand, rental values, delivery and investment. The event will also examine which areas are performing well, and provide case studies of key developments in the current London Market, to understand what the sector is looking for and delivering. The event also looks towards innovation, why the market is changing and how this is an opportunity area for those involved in housing delivery. We will look at modern collective/micro living models, technology in property and modern methods of construction. We will also look at the blurring on the lines between traditional development, and emerging 'alternative' residential sectors - Build to Rent, Student Housing  and Retirement Living, and where these now fit in the London Resi Market.

The conference provides a packed agenda of crucial information and is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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Conference Timetable


Housekeeping and Chairman’s Opening Address

What is happening in the Current London Residential Development Market?

Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills



Challenges and Opportunities in development in the current market

Where are we, what is happening with demand and which sections of the market are performing and which have plateaued?
Are we really worried about Brexit?

What does the starter home initiative mean for developers and what opportunities can be drawn from this and other changes in legislation?

The fundamental attraction of London – will it ever change?

Where should an investor in the London market put his money?

Rob Perrins, Chief Executive, The Berkeley Group



The Mayor’s Strategy for Delivering New Homes in London – The Progress so far & The Plan Going Forward

Understanding both Policies & the Practicalities of how they will work
Where does the Mayor stand on PRS, Land Policy, Planning, Viability & providing funding & land for development?

How will the GLA accelerate delivery and what opportunities are there for developers?

Given the wider uncertainty Politically, what certainty can the GLA offer Developers to mitigate their risk?
Under what circumstances will the Mayor step in to ensure projects receive permission?

James Murray, Deputy Mayor of London for Housing, GLA


The Suburban Spread – In Pursuit of Value for both buyers & developers
The rise of Outer London and its prospects for the next 5 years

Is outer London now the real opportunity area – who are the target market?

What should developers be looking at and what are the key features of this market?

Anne Currell, Group CEO, Currell



Questions for Rob, James & Anne


Coffee & Networking Session


Research Presentations

Looking at Supply & Demand in London Resi Development – where is their high demand and where are the opportunities?
Where are we with rents and what can be achieved?

Understanding what the numbers tell us and what they mean

Katy Warrick, Director - Head of London Residential Research, Savills

Grainne Gilmore, Head of UK Residential Research, Knight Frank



Ministerial Address – How do the Government Plan to implement the Housing White Paper?

How will these changes work in practice and how is it hoped these will increase Housing delivery in London?
Where do Central Government fit with the Mayor’s Office when it comes to Housing Delivery in London in particular?

Gavin Barwell MP, Minister of State for Housing & Planning, Minister for London


Questions for Gavin


Looking to the Future – Why it is time for the Residential Development Industry to Innovate & Modernise

What is the real relevance of off-site construction and how will this evolve?

Understanding the key link between delivery models and tenure models

Where is the opportunity to significantly reduce costs & deliver more?

How seriously should contractors & developers now be taking it and where does it fit in the overall construction picture?

With types of project does the off site method work best?

Who are the big players in this market and what are they planning?

Mark Farmer, Founding Director & Chief Executive, Cast


Looking to the Future - The Evolution of Technology in the Property Sector
Products that enhance the building & delivery process

Technology that enhances the professional & sales process

Eddie Holmes, Founder, Proptech


Looking to the Future Panel
How will modern methods of construction and modern materials shape the future of the Construction market?

How will construction methods evolve and when will real scale be achieved?

What modern materials are we seeing used and what are the benefits?

Where do evolving constructions methods now fit in the overall delivery picture?

The role of Technology in the modern market - what opportunities are there and what is available?

What are the new millenials and other target markets now looking for & what is important to this growing group of customers?
How can technology disrupt the sector & take it into a new era?

Derek Gorman, Head of European Property, WElink Group

Mary Hurst, Managing Director, First Homes

Alexander Siljanovski, CEO, BaseStone
Eddie Holmes, Founder, Proptech

Mark Farmer, Founding Director & Chief Executive, Cast

Dominic Grace (Chair)


Networking Lunch Session



With the Mayors changes to Planning, plus changing policy at National Level, what are the key elements to the planning process that developers need to be aware of?

Looking at the current planning situation in London - what are the current key issues and opportunities for developers?

What is happening with viability, CIL, permitted development rights/office to resi conversion and how can developers work with Local Authorities to achieve maximum delivery?
Where do Starter Homes now fit in?

Simon Ricketts, Partner, Town Legal LLP



Who is buying in the current London Resi Market?
What does the discerning buyer look for and where are they coming from?

Which markets are selling and which products are not hitting the mark?

Why Life style & convenience are now key to sales – how should they impact design?
Understanding the key role that service and amenities play when selling a Residential Development

What do the market leaders produce?

Mark Dorman, Head of Residential Development, Strutt & Parker


The current issues in the Land Market – getting deals done

Where are land deals actually being completed and how does the market need to readjust?

How much land is distressed and is there an opportunity?

Killian Hurley, Chief Executive, Mount Anvil



Questions for Simon, Mark & Killian



Case Study One – Silvertown
Looking at regeneration and delivering places where people want to live - how can developers deliver a desirable area to live and maximise value

What do buyers really want today and what do we anticipate them wanting going forward?
Is a new kind of discerning buyer emerging and what new factors need to be considered?
Understanding the key factors and elements of the projects and what they mean for the market
How can developers find value in big regeneration projects and what do they mean for Housing delivery and changing communities for the better?
Elliott Lipton, Chief Executive, First Base


Case Study Two – Canada Water

The Grand Plan – The Process of Land Assembly & Planning on a large scale and creating a New Mixed Use Town Centre.

What is the time frame for such projects and how to bring Residential Stock to market

What kind of facilities & services are buyers now looking for and how can these be incorporated into the design?

How can a new Regeneration area really be made into a destination in itself?

Roger Madelin CBE, Head of Canada Water Development, British Land



Questions for Elliot & Roger



Understanding Investment into PRS & Where is sits in the Overall Housing Market
How is the Build to Rent market developing and how should developers now approach it

Understanding the changes & affordable housing concessions in PRS and how they will work - is this the real catalyst to rapid market growth?

Where would the clever investor put his money in the current market?

Angus Dodd, Chief Executive, Quintain



What role do Housing Associations now play in the overall development market and how do they see their role moving forward?

What challenges do the face and how crucial is their role in Housing Delivery?

Will they emerge into the key players in the private sale market?
Where does the smart money now invest?

Stephen Howlett, Chief Executive, Peabody



Questions for Angus & Stephen



Close and Networking Drinks Session


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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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