• Network with the leading players in the market and hear about new opportunities....
  • Record audience expected at the 12th Annual London Resi Development Conference on 6th March....
  • This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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London Residential

Hugely Popular London Resi Development Event will return for a 12th Year on 6th March 2019

London Residential

The leading players in the sector will attend the Annual London Resi Development Conference on 6th March

London Residential

Superb panel taking shape at the Annual London Resi Development Event. Likely to be a very popular event once again #LDE Property #LondonResidential

Joining Instructions

Thank you very much for booking onto our “London Resi 2018” Conference, which takes place on Wednesday 7th March.


We have now confirmed your attendance with the conference centre.

The event has proved to be very popular and we’re expecting a big audience, so the networking opportunities should be very useful as well.


The venue for the event is etc venues St Pauls, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD

The nearest tube stations are St Pauls and Barbican.

The Conference Venue itself is on the first floor of the building – when you enter simply go up the escalator in the lobby to the first floor, where you will find the Conference at the rear.


Please aim to arrive by 8.45am, tea and coffee along with a light breakfast will be served from 8.15am.

The event will conclude at approximately 4.30pm and will be followed by a networking drinks session until 5.30pm.


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The full agenda for the day is below.


Name badges will be distributed so that you can identify people on the day.


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A delegate list will be sent out the day before the event by email. If you would like to be EXCLUDED from this published list, please let us know - conference@LDEvents.net

If you have any further queries and questions, please just let us know by email


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The event hashtag is #LondonResi


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday



London Resi 2018 Agenda – Wednesday 7th March


A Welcome from our Chairman

Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills



Opening Address – How are we delivering Housing in London?

Where are we on the Marathon course to delivering the Housing London needs?
How will the new London Plan accelerate delivery in the short term?

Where does the Mayor see Build to Rent and Collective Living models in the overall delivery picture?

Where does the Mayor stand on Land Policy, Planning, Viability & providing funding & land for development?

How will the GLA accelerate delivery and what opportunities are there for developers?

James Murray, Deputy Mayor of London for Housing, GLA



Questions for James



What is happening in the Current London Residential Development Market?

Are we now in a Decathlon, where several pieces make up what Residential Delivery is in London?

Where are the opportunities with stuttering prices?
Who is buying, who is developing and what is happening with Land Prices?

Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills



In Conversation with the CEO of a London Developer

Challenges and Opportunities in development in the current market

What is the developer view of the new London Plan?

What opportunities does it offer?
In an ideal world what would a developer like to see from the Mayor & Central Government?

What is happening in the market and how are supply, demand and pricing looking in 2018?
Are we really worried about Brexit?

Where should an investor in the London market put his money?

Who is buying in the current London Resi Market?
Which markets are selling and which products are not hitting the mark?

What should a developer be delivering in 2018 & beyond?

Killian Hurley, Chief Executive, Mount Anvil



What role do Housing Associations now play in the overall development market and how do they see their role moving forward?
What are the Growth aspirations on Housing Associations in the London Market?

What challenges do the face and how crucial is their role in Housing Delivery?

Will they emerge into the key players in the private sale market?
Where does the smart money now invest?

Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive, Metropolitan



Housing and the Political Agenda – Where does it really stand in the pecking order?
Is Housing really key to winning votes in both General and Mayoral Elections?
Does the limited timeframe of a Political Cycle, be it for London Mayor or Central Government, mean that solving Housing Delivery is particularly difficult?

What is happening with the Green Belt and other contentious issues that could offer solutions to delivering more housing?
Steve Norris, Chairman, Soho Estates & Senior Advisor, BNP Paribas Real Estate



Questions for Dominic, Killian, Geeta & Steve


Coffee & Networking Session



Understanding the Opportunity in Outer London and the surrounding areas

Is the trend & Opportunity now moving away from Central London?
What is happening in these markets are how do they fit for development & Build to Rent?

Where is the value and what growth is predicted in the coming years?
How does the new London Plan affect Outer London land values and the overall market?

Richard Donnell, Director, Hometrack


Looking at Supply & Demand in the London Residential Market – what is really happening?
What is happening with Values across London & where are we seeing Growth??
Looking at Rental Values – how are these looking in the current market & where is the Growth?
What are the supply forecasts moving forward across London?
Katy Warrick, Director - Head of London Residential Research, Savills

Questions for Richard & Katy


What do we need to know about Off Site & Modular Construction?
What are the options available in the current market?
Is the quality of finish really there and what are the advantages?

Where is the opportunity to significantly reduce costs & deliver more?

Where does it fit in the overall construction picture & for what type of projects does it work best?
Where will we be in five and ten years time – what does the future hold?
Andrew Waugh, Founder & Director, Waugh Thistleton



What is Proptech and how could it disrupt the entire Supply Chain in Residential Development?

Where does Proptech fit into the New Digital Age and what is the timeframe for transformation?

Understanding both the technology for delivery of housing, and the technology which will change the way we live

How will proptech change the way we develop and sell property?

How will technology change the way we live in the future years, what is coming, and how will this affect our homes?
How close are we to being able to 3D print homes & how could it work?
James Dearsley, Partner, PropTech Consult


Panel Discussion and Questions on Offsite Construction and evolving Technology

Presenting Innovations in the market
What technology is coming & what is being embraced?
How will the market be transformed by technology?

What is here now, what is coming, and what will revolutionise the market?
What will be the biggest change in the next 5 years and the next ten years?

Barry Jessup, Director, First Base
Russ Edwards, Design & Technical Director - Residential Development, Lendlease

Gordon Ingram, Senior Partner, GIA & Director, VU.CITY

Savannah de Savary, Founder & CEO, Built-ID
Dominic Grace (Chair)


Networking Lunch Session



With the Mayors changes to Planning, plus changing policy at National Level, what are the key elements to the planning process that developers need to be aware of?

Looking at the current planning situation in London - what are the current key issues and opportunities for developers?

What is happening with viability, CIL, permitted development rights/office to resi conversion and how can developers work with Local Authorities to achieve maximum delivery?

Steve Quartermain, Chief Planner, Department of Communities & Local Government


Questions for Steve

The Emerging Role of the Alternative Residential Sector in London – how are these valued?

Which Alternative Residential Assets are growing fastest?
How are Student Housing, Micro Living, PRS & Retirement living now performing?

How have these asset classes grown in the last 5-10 years and where will they be in another five and ten years time?
James Kingdom, Head of Alternatives Research, JLL

How can a developer integrate Build to Rent, Student Housing and Retirement Living into a scheme and is a truly mixed community the future of Residential Development & Housing Delivery?
How can it be achieved and why should Developers now be looking beyond the Traditional Development model?
Where do Developers see the opportunities in these ‘Alternative Residential’ Sectors?
Richard Meier, Partner, Argent


Questions for James & Richard

A Look at Co-Living and evolving Build to Rent Models – what do people really want and where is the investment & development value?

Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Co-Living and the Private Rented Sector.
Why is Co-Living seen as a growth area and where does it fit with the Overall Build to Rent Opportunity?

What is the future of the Private Rented Sector in the medium and long term and where is the capacity for growth?

Understanding the Micro Living, Grad Living & Collective Living markets – what are they?
How is the product evolving to fit modern lifestyles?

What kind of innovations are we seeing and what can we expect going forward?

What are the rental aspirations of the operators involved in the micro living & collective living markets & what kind of scale might be achieved?

Logistics & Management - What is required to make large scale PRS actually work in the UK?

Understanding the Micro Living, Graduate Housing, Collective Living Concept

Where has it come from and why is it a key growth market?

Why is innovation and communal living now such an attractive proposition?
What matters to this market when it comes to Technology, Facilities, Service and Design?
Why is technology so crucial in these markets?

How does this market work as an investment model and where does it fit in the overall picture?

Who is the real target market?
Jean-Marc Vandevivere, Chief Executive, Platform_
Jill Ju, Investment Director, The Collective
Michela Hancock, Development Director, Greystar
Richard Jackson, Managing Director, Apache Capital Partners

Case Study One – Goodluck Hope
Why innovation is Key in a Modern London Residential Development
What do Developers now need to deliver, how can it be made innovative and how does it attract buyers?
John Mulryan, Managing Director, Ballymore


Case Study Two – Barking Riverside: Delivering ‘Barcelona on Thames’
How ambitious Local Authorities can deliver the Housing and new Communities that London really needs.
What can be achieved with and without Private Sector Help?

Cllr Darren Rodwell, Leader, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

4.20pm - Questions for John & Darren

Close and Networking Drinks Session