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  • Record audience expected at the 13th Annual London Resi Development Conference on 3rd March....
  • This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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London Residential

Hugely Popular London Resi Development Event will return for a 13th Year on 3rd March 2020

London Residential

The leading players in the sector will attend the Annual London Resi Development Conference on 3rd March

London Residential

Superb panel taking shape at the Annual London Resi Development Event. Likely to be a very popular event once again #LDE Property #LondonResidential


The conference takes place on Tuesday 3rd March 2019 at ETC Venues in the heart of the City of London

The leading conference for the London Residential Development Market returns in March, with hundreds of the leading organisations and investors attending.  The Event combines high level market analysis with excellent networking opportunities, and is now in it's 13th year. 

The agenda completely updated to allow delegates to be fully up to speed on all the key issues in London Resi Development and offer a look into the future of the New Homes Market. We always look to move beyond the usual topics with a more holistic approach.

There will be a detailed market update, looking at what the political landscape means for the market, plus detailed analysis of sales, supply and demand, rental values, delivery and investment. The event will also examine which areas are performing well, and provide case studies of key developments in the current London Market, to understand what the sector is looking for and delivering. The event also looks towards innovation, why the market is changing and how this is an opportunity area for those involved in Resi Development. We will look at modern collective/micro living models, technology in property and modern methods of construction. We will also look at the blurring on the lines between traditional development, and emerging 'alternative' residential sectors - Build to Rent, Student Housing  and Retirement Living, and where these now fit in the London Resi Market.

The conference provides a packed agenda of crucial information and is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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Conference Timetable

9.30am – Morning Conference Session (includes a networking coffee break)


A Welcome from our Chairman

What is happening in the Current London Residential Development Market?

Where are the opportunities with stuttering prices?

Challenges and Opportunities in development in the current market

What is the developer view on legislation, both at London and National Level?

In an ideal world what would a developer like to see from the Mayor & Central Government?

Where are the opportunities in 2019 and looking forward?

What is happening in the market and how are supply, demand and pricing looking in 2019?
Are we really worried about Brexit?

Where should an investor in the London market put his money?

What is the key to future achieving the required delivery volume?

Where does offsite construction fit?

The Mayor’s Strategy for Delivering New Homes in London – The Progress so far & The Plan Going Forward

Understanding both Policies & the Practicalities of how they will work
Where does the Mayor stand on PRS, Land Policy, Planning, Viability & providing funding & land for development?

How will the GLA accelerate delivery and what opportunities are there for developers?

How has the new draft London Plan been received & what are the key suggested changes?

How can the Mayor get delivery up to the 66,000 units required per year?

Would a second term offer the opportunity to ramp up delivery?

The Role of the Housing Association in the London Residential Development & Investment Market Moving Forward

What is the objective of a modern Housing Association & what are the Growth aspirations on Housing Associations in the London Market?

Which tenures are the priority and what is the view on Build to Rent, Shared Ownership, Social Rent & Affordable Rent?

How are they looking to structure JVs with Local Authorities, developers & investors?

With grant and delivery expectations could the Housing Associations be the ones to really deliver moving forward?
How can we achieve a coherent Housing Policy from Central Government?

What are the likely Brexit effects and how great is it’s effect on House price sentiment?

What might we see when it is finally resolved?

Can the Mayor really hit the required Housing targets in London and are there enough levers for him to pull to actually achieve it?

What options exist politically to really change the housing market?
Does the limited timeframe of a Political Cycle, be it for London Mayor or Central Government, mean that solving Housing Delivery is particularly difficult?

In an ideal world what could be done as Mayor to boost housing delivery whilst keeping those who already own homes, and those invested in the market, happy?

What is the significance of public sector land to the delivery jigsaw?

How big an impact does the politics of the individual boroughs in London have on the housing delivery process?

Understanding the real picture of the London Market – what does market activity really tell us?

Looking at evidence from past market cycles, whereabouts are we in this cycle?

Have things grown in complexity in this market cycle and is the market now more segmented?

What has happened to transaction numbers in the overall Housing Market and what are the key factors in this?

Where are delivery numbers, sales numbers, and pipeline numbers?

Which areas are oversupplied and which areas are undersupplied?

Where are still seeing strong prices?

What areas of the market, both geographically and in terms of price point should the pragmatic developer be looking at?

Looking at Outer London beyond the London Boroughs, where are the opportunity areas and is this outer ring an affordability opportunity?

In terms of housing, how far does the commuter belt from London really stretch and are these areas where the delivery opportunity lies?

The London Rental Market – what has been happening with Rental Values and where do we see them heading?

What is the projected price growth for Rental Values across London over the next 5 years?

What areas will see the best rental price growth and how does this relate to supply and demand?

How much is the Rental market changing from Buy to Let investors to an institutional ownership and how quickly will this happen?

How much of the Market is now Build to Rent?

What will this change mean for rents and the market as a whole?

Are todays Graduates & Millennials happier to Rent than previous generations or is this more market circumstances rather than choice?

Do modern lifestyle driven twenty-somethings prefer the flexibility that renting a property offers?

What is Proptech, how can we define it, and how could it disrupt the entire Residential Development Market?

Why is change now coming and what forms will it take?

Where does Proptech fit into the New Digital Age and what is the timeframe for transformation?

Understanding both the technology for delivery of housing, and the technology which will change the way we live

How will proptech change the way we develop and sell property?

How will technology change the way we live in the future years, what is coming, and how will this affect our homes?

Will the delivery of housing and buildings in general soon be taken over by proptech, 3D printing and other innovations and will this make it more efficient and cost effective?

Evolving Technology in the Residential Market – Panel & Ideas Session

How can 3D imaging and digital models improve the whole development process?

The Power of Technology & Online Property Portals – what is the next stage of their evolution?

Off-Site Manufacture – what is realistic now and in the near future?


1.15pm – Networking Lunch Session


2.15pm – Afternoon Conference Session


Getting your Sales strategy right in a tough market – what are the key elements?

Who is currently buying and what are the key factors in attracting these buyers?

What is affecting sentiment, is it Brexit, Stamp duty & Taxation, planning or other factors around the market cycle itself?

How to set pricing in a current market - what is realistic?

Does the current World Political situation mean that London remains a safe bet for investors?

How big a role do Chinese buyers play in the current market?

How can enough off plan sales still be achieved to keep funders satisfied?

Where should an investor in the London market put his money?

Which markets are selling and which products are not hitting the mark?
Understanding the key role that service and amenities play when selling a Residential Development

Have Help to Buy sales been keeping the London Market up?
How is the developer & housebuilder business model evolving to include Build to Rent?

How can it be achieved and why should Developers now be looking beyond the Traditional Development model?

What is the potential growth of the Build to Rent market in London and the surrounding areas?
Where do Developers see the opportunities in the ‘Alternative Residential’ Sectors and do they see a role in Rental Models for Student Housing and Retirement Living as well?
How can a developer integrate Build to Rent into a scheme and is a truly mixed community the future of Residential Development & Housing Delivery?
The London Student Housing Market – how is it performing?

Why is there still such capacity for development & why is demand so high?

How do new players enter the market?

Will rents in Student Housing continue to rise and what kind if yields can be achieved?

Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Co-Living and Grad Living models – what is the potential of these evolving markets in London?

Why is innovation and communal living now such an attractive proposition?
What matters to this market when it comes to Technology, Facilities, Service and Design?

Understanding the Future Market Prospects for Retirement Living Products – why is it such an opportunity area?

Understanding Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Retirement Living Villages, Extra Care and Care Homes and what they all mean – where is the sweet spot?

Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been overcome and where are we with relevant legislation?

How might the market evolve over the next ten years – who are the customers and where is the demand?

The Future of a Private Rented & Build to Rent Model in the Retirement Living Sector – how might this work and what is the potential?

The Changing Nature of Communities & the way people live – will we see truly mixed communities going forward, with multi tenure communities both privately owned and for-rent, and people of different ages. How big is this opportunity?

Close and Networking Drinks Session


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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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