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London Residential

Hugely Popular London Resi Development Event will return for a 15th Year on 3rd March 2022

London Residential

The leading players in the sector will attend the Annual London Resi Development Conference on 3rd March

London Residential

Superb panel taking shape at the Annual London Resi Development Event. Likely to be a very popular event once again #LDE Property #LondonResidential

Conference Agenda

The Leading Conference for the London Regional Residential Development & Investment Market returns for a 15th year in London on 3rd March

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A Welcome from our Chairman
Are we now seeing a London Resi market in a state of flux – how are innovations and new objectives changing the market?
Dominic Grace

Challenges and Opportunities in the London & South East Resi Market
Where are the opportunities in 2022 and looking forward and how can the market innovate and evolve?
What have been the impacts of Brexit and the pandemic?
What is happening in the market and how are supply, demand and pricing looking in 2022?
Who are the buyers?
Is now the real opportunity to embrace new tenures & modern methods of construction?
Where do sustainability & ESG now fit for the future of the sector?
Cladding – what is the developer opinion?
Rob Perrins, Chief Executive, Berkeley Group


The Role of Housing Associations and Partnerships in Housing Delivery – what is the consensus view from the G15?
How has the Covid pandemic show us more than ever that we need to collaborate to make sure housing in provided for those who need it?
Which tenures are the priority and what is the view on Build to Rent, Shared Ownership, Social Rent & Affordable Rent?
What is the HA view on cladding and how can the a financial balance be found between continuing a development programme and dealing with cladding issues?
How is a modern Housing Association looking to build partnerships and who with?
What is the Housing Association view on ESG and how can the Housing sector as a whole become more sustainable and demonstrate stronger social & environmental credentials?
Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive, Metropolitan Thames Valley & Chair, G15

The Mayor’s Strategy for Delivering New Homes in London
How do we between find a balance, with the rise in the cost of development, viability, legislative agendas and increased development risk, to keep the delivery of housing going?
How is the London plan working out?
Where does the Mayor stand on PRS, Land Policy, Planning, Viability & providing funding & land for development?
How will the GLA accelerate delivery and what opportunities are there for developers and those looking to work with the public sector?
Where does the Mayor stand on ESG and sustainability in the development market?
Tom Copley, Deputy Mayor for Housing & Residential Development, Greater London Authority

Questions for Rob, Geeta and Tom

Coffee and Networking Session

London as a Global City
Following Brexit & The Pandemic, where does London now sit on the Global Stage?
How do we expect London to continue to attract investment, trade, tourism and people?
Why is London such a unique City in both the domestic and international sense and why does it continue to attract people and investment from all over the world?
How quickly do we expect the Central London economy, with office workers, tourists and commuters to return, and is there any complacency on this?
Laura Citron, Chief Executive, London & Partners

Busting the myths in the London & South East Residential Market
Is what we hear in the press true and what is really happening with prices, rents, sales volumes and demand across Central London, Outer London and other towns and cities in the South East Region?
What are the priorities for consumers now – are outside space, a home office, or a more rural or suburban home, really that much more popular than they were before?
Are we seeing significant price growth and demand in regional cities as more home working, and few days commuting fundamentally change the market?
Where are the new opportunity towns and cities in London and the surrounding region as we move forward?
What has changed in the rental markets – are some areas now seeing significantly high or lower rents as a result of the pandemic and/or other factors?
The traditional buy to let product v the institutional rental product – what is the verdict?
Richard Donnell, Research & Insight Director, Zoopla

De-risking Residential Development
How does a developer in the current market plan the best possible exit strategy?
What sells and who is buying it?
How do you get your timings right in terms of delivery and releasing blocks for sale?
How do you create value by getting the mix of uses right? Where and how do you factor in amenities, commercial space, build to rent, alternatives and other mixed uses?
What kind of partnerships work best to make regeneration and housing delivery actually happen?
How do sell off plan, and why buy new build and why London?
Katy Warrick, Director, Head of London Residential Research, Savills

Questions for Laura, Richard and Katy

The Political Interview
How can the Country cope with the double impacts of the Pandemic and Brexit?
Has public confidence in the current Government and the Prime Minister been irreparably damaged and have many planned changes and policies now been kicked into the long grass?
What do we expect the impacts on the housing market to be and where will it sit amongst Government priorities?
Looking at London – can housing targets really be met?
Have this government given up on London politically – will it never gain the tory mayor
What options exist politically to really change the housing market and has the Covid pandemic opened the door to more radical policies?
Political view on cladding – funds, housing?
Steve Norris, Chairman, Soho Estates & ThisLand

Networking Lunch Session

Technology and Innovation – how can the industry embrace new ideas that will shape its future?
We hear from 3 innovators looking to use innovation and technology to improve the way the industry works and delivers. Each will present for max 10 minutes, 5 slides max, and then we shall host a panel discussion.

How can data and technology change the way residential investment is deployed?
Samantha Kempe, Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder, IMMO Capital

Why wood is the future of low carbon building
Andrew Waugh, Director, Waugh Thistleton

How can we use technology and artificial intelligence to appraise Residential Development opportunities and what are the benefits?
Ruth Norman-Johnson, Co-Founder, SiteSolve & Director, Ramboll

The growing Alternative Residential Asset Classes – Build to Rent, Retirement Living, Student Housing & Co-Living. We hear from three industry specialists in these ‘Alternative’ sectors about what is happening in these markets and why there are good opportunities for growth in London and the surrounding region. Each will present for 10 minutes, followed by questions.

What is the future of Build to Rent in London & what lessons have we learnt?
In which locations does it really work as an investment?
Where is the opportunity for developers to deliver Build to Rent or include it in larger schemes?
Are the suburban areas of London, and the surrounding towns and cities now the key opportunity areas?
What are the evolving products in build to rent and where to urban rental living and suburban single family housing fit?
Charlie Weatherill, Capital Markets Director, Telford Homes, A Trammell Crow Company Developer

Understanding the Future Market Prospects for Retirement Living Products – why is it such an opportunity area?
Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been overcome and where are we with relevant legislation?
What is the potential of a rental model in Retirement Living?
Jason Leek, Chief Executive, Riverstone

The London & South East Student Housing Market – how is it performing and what has been the impact of Covid?
Has demand from international students now returned to previous levels and what can we expect in the coming academic years?
Why is there still such capacity for development & why is demand so high?
Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Co-Living and Grad Living models – what is the potential of the evolving markets?
Rose Denbee, Head of Student Housing - Valuation Advisory, JLL


Panel Session – How can a modern collaborative approach deliver the housing that London and the South East Region really needs?
How can we bring forward socially conscious housing delivery & investment that embraces modern technology?
What does ESG really mean to the Residential Development Industry & how can we really deliver zero carbon homes?
How can Private Developers, Local Authorities & Public Sector Land Owners work together?
Where are the land opportunities for developers and what sort of sites are available?
Does modern urban living now mean that a mixed use scheme with a wide range of amenities is now essential?
Is it now essential for a build to rent scheme in incorporate significant work space for Residents and how can this be delivered?
Is it time to look outside Central London and what other towns and cities should we be looking at in the region?
Is planning risk now more significant than ever?
Joanne Drew, Housing and Regeneration Director, London Borough of Enfield
Emma Cariaga, Joint Head of Canada Water Development & Head of Residential, British Land
Killian Hurley, Chief Executive, Mount Anvil

Barry Jessup, Managing Director, Socius Developments

Closing remarks from the Chair

Close of Conference & Annual London Resi Drinks Reception


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