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London Residential

Hugely Popular London Resi Development Event will return for a 14th Year on 5th May 2021

London Residential

The leading players in the sector will attend the Annual London Resi Development Conference on 5th May

London Residential

Superb panel taking shape at the Annual London Resi Development Event. Likely to be a very popular event once again #LDE Property #LondonResidential


The conference takes place on Wednesday 5th May 2021 

The Leading Conference for the London & South East Resi Sector takes place virtually this year.

  • The leading conference for the London Residential Development Market returns in May via our Virtual Conference Platform, with hundreds of the leading organisations and investors attending.  The Event combines high level market analysis with excellent networking opportunities, and is now in it's 14th year.

  • There will be a detailed market update, looking at what the political landscape means for the market, plus detailed analysis of sales, supply and demand, rental values, delivery and investment.

  • We’d like to invite you and your team to join us. This event will be now be virtual due to Government restrictions but this allows us to offer great value tickets, whereby you buy a company pass for the conference, and you can bring as many delegates from your organisation as you would like. All delegates will have their own login and can view all the conference sessions online, have full interactivity, as well as networking will all the other attendees via our online networking system.

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Conference Timetable


A Welcome from our Chairman
What has changed and what hasn’t for the London Regional Residential Development Market?
Has Covid accelerated change?
Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills

Challenges and Opportunities in the London & South East Resi Market
Where are the opportunities in 2021 and looking forward?
How will the double impact of Brexit and Covid affect the sector?
What is happening in the market and how are supply, demand and pricing looking in 2021?
Who are the buyers and has the international investor market been affected by the pandemic and Global political issues?
Is now the real opportunity to embrace new tenures & modern methods of construction?
Where do sustainability & ESG now fit for the future of the sector?
Killian Hurley, Chief Executive, Mount Anvil

The Role of Housing Associations and Partnerships in Housing Delivery
How has the Covid pandemic show us more than ever that we need to collaborate to make sure housing in provided for those who need it?
Which tenures are the priority and what is the view on Build to Rent, Shared Ownership, Social Rent & Affordable Rent?
How is a modern Housing Association looking to build partnerships and who with?
What is the Housing Association view on ESG and how can the Housing sector as a whole become more sustainable and demonstrate stronger social & environmental credentials?
Clare Miller, Group Chief Executive, Clarion Housing Group

How has Covid really affected the market – looking at the data and the realities in the Housing Market
What has happened to prices and sales volumes in the London & South East region?
What are consumers really looking for – do they want to move further out, to suburbia or the countryside? Are they now looking for larger properties to incorporate workspace?
Is outside space now significantly more important than it was pre Covid?
What have we seen with the availability of mortgages and finance? What are we expecting as we emerge from the pandemic?
Are sales transactions taking longer and is anything else slowing down the exchange and completion process?
Richard Donnell, Research & Insight Director, Zoopla

Questions for Killian, Clare and Richard


The Political Interview
How can the Country cope with the double impacts of Covid & Brexit?
What do we expect the impacts on the housing market to be and where will it sit amongst Government priorities?
Looking at London, with the Mayoral election imminent, what has been achieved over the last 5 years?
Where does housing really sit on the campaign priority list, when compared to crime, transport, and other priorities?
Are promises made on the campaign trail by Mayoral candidates really achievable without significant Central Government support?
What options exist politically to really change the housing market and has the Covid pandemic opened the door to more radical policies?
Steve Norris, Chairman, Soho Estates & ThisLand

Coffee & Networking Session


How has the role of Market Data changed over the last 20 years and why is it now so crucial to the overall Residential Development Process?
How can data and research now deliver high level information and significant improvements in efficiency?

The Land Market - Has the way land can be found and assessed now changed for ever?
What is now possible with 3D mapping and other technology?
How will market data and technology transform how things are done in the coming years and what do developers and Local Authorities want to see?
Tim Craine, Director, Molior London


Using technology to revolutionise Construction, from design to delivery – what is possible and where are we heading?
How will digital technology completely change the way homes are built, and the way the process is managed and delivered? How far are we in the process?
How do we make off-site manufacture and modular construction more cost effective?
Where will we be in ten years and what is the potential of the technology?
Sam Stacey, ISCF Challenge Director for Construction, Innovate UK


Questions for Tim & Sam


Networking Lunch Session for Speakers & Attendees

Land, Rents, and Sales Pricing
Current market performance in the London Resi Development & Build to Rent Sector
What has happened to the land values and transaction volumes?
What is happening with sales and pricing?
Where are there price rises and where are prices falling and why?
Who is currently buying and what are the key factors in attracting these buyers?
How is the market being stimulated by the Government and what is the effect of these measures?
What is realistic with rental growth in the coming years?
Is the value for both sales and rental now in Outer & Suburban London areas?
Katy Warrick, Director, Head of London Residential Research, Savills


A Planning Update – all the key issues for Residential Development, The Planning White Paper, and the London Plan
What are the key proposed legislative reforms and what is the timeframe?
How has the new London Plan been received by developers and what are the key elements?
Where are we developer contributions and affordable housing?
Permitted Development Rights & Changes of Use Classes – How will this allow greater flexibility without planning permission and what are the issues with this system?
Claire Dutch, Partner & Joint Head of Planning, Ashurst

Questions for Katy & Claire

The growing Alternative Residential Asset Classes – Build to Rent, Retirement Living, Student Housing & Co-Living
What is the future of Build to Rent in London & what lessons have we learnt?
In which locations does it really work as an investment?
Where is the opportunity for developers to deliver Build to Rent or include it in larger schemes?
Understanding the Future Market Prospects for Retirement Living Products – why is it such an opportunity area?
Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been overcome and where are we with relevant legislation?
What is the potential of a rental model in Retirement Living?
The London Student Housing Market – how is it performing and what has been the impact of Covid?
Has demand from international students disappeared completely and when will this return?
Is demand dependent on international students?
Why is there still such capacity for development & why is demand so high?
Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Co-Living and Grad Living models – what is the potential of the evolving markets?
Why is innovation and communal living now such an attractive proposition?
Henry Lumby, Managing Director, Amicala
Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL

Jon Di-Stefano, Chief Executive, Telford Homes
Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills (Chair)

Panel Session – How can a modern collaborative approach deliver the housing that London and the South East really needs? How can we bring forward socially conscious housing delivery & investment that embraces modern technology?

What do we see as the opportunity areas as we emerge from Covid?
Are there any concerns over the impacts of Brexit on the Housing market?
How do we get Central London and high streets back up and running and how can we evolve them to suit modern lifestyles? 
What are the issues with Central London and why are suburban and other South East regional cities seeing a lot more interest from developers?
How can Private Developers, Local Authorities & Public Sector Land Owners work together?
Where are the land opportunities for developers and what sort of sites are available?
What kind of collaborations are we seeing between the private and public sector?
How do developers view the current land market? Where are we with prices and what is the appetite to JV with land owners?
How do private sector developers & local Authorities see future delivery?
Where does build to rent fit and should a mixed tenure, multigenerational development now be seen as the future?
How can the housing sector really revolutionise and modernise how housing is delivered?
How do we see the role of technology and innovation transforming the sector over the next decade?
The Art of Regeneration & Placemaking - how can it be delivered?
Why is Housing Delivery more important than ever to an economic recovery?
What role can Central Government play with funding, infrastructure and partnership to make it happen?
Richard Meier, Director, Stories_
Pat Hayes, Managing Director, Be First
Debra Yudolph, Partner, Say Property Consulting
Barry Jessup, Director, First Base
Neil Bridgen, Director of FDI, London & Partners
Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills (Chair)

Chairmans Closing Remarks




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