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London Residential

Hugely Popular London Resi Development Event will return for a 13th Year on 3rd March 2020

London Residential

The leading players in the sector will attend the Annual London Resi Development Conference on 3rd March

London Residential

Superb panel taking shape at the Annual London Resi Development Event. Likely to be a very popular event once again #LDE Property #LondonResidential


The conference takes place on Tuesday 3rd March 2019 at ETC Venues in the heart of the City of London

The leading conference for the London Residential Development Market returns in March, with hundreds of the leading organisations and investors attending.  The Event combines high level market analysis with excellent networking opportunities, and is now in it's 13th year. 

The agenda completely updated to allow delegates to be fully up to speed on all the key issues in London Resi Development and offer a look into the future of the New Homes Market. We always look to move beyond the usual topics with a more holistic approach.

There will be a detailed market update, looking at what the political landscape means for the market, plus detailed analysis of sales, supply and demand, rental values, delivery and investment. The event will also examine which areas are performing well, and provide case studies of key developments in the current London Market, to understand what the sector is looking for and delivering. The event also looks towards innovation, why the market is changing and how this is an opportunity area for those involved in Resi Development. We will look at modern collective/micro living models, technology in property and modern methods of construction. We will also look at the blurring on the lines between traditional development, and emerging 'alternative' residential sectors - Build to Rent, Student Housing  and Retirement Living, and where these now fit in the London Resi Market.

The conference provides a packed agenda of crucial information and is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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Conference Timetable

London Resi Conference 2020 Agenda



A Welcome from our Chairman

What is happening in the Current London Residential Development Market?

What matters in 2020?

Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills



Challenges and Opportunities in development in the current market

Where are the opportunities in 2020 and looking forward?

What is happening in the market and how are supply, demand and pricing looking in 2020?

How is the business model of a developer evolving to embrace new tenures & modern methods of construction?

Where does sustainability now fit on the agenda?

Where should an investor in the London market put his money?

What would I do for the housing market if I was Sadiq or Boris?

Rob Perrins, Chief Executive, The Berkeley Group



The Mayor’s Strategy for Delivering New Homes in London

As the Mayoral term draws to a close what has worked and what is needed in the next 4 years to actually deliver the homes that London needs?

The London Plan – an update

Understanding both Policies & the Practicalities of how they will work
Where does the Mayor stand on PRS, Land Policy, Planning, Viability & providing funding & land for development?

How will the GLA accelerate delivery and what opportunities are there for developers?

How can the Mayor get delivery targets up to the 66,000 units required per year?

Tom Copley, London Assembly Member, GLA (Tom has recently been appointed as the new Deputy Mayor for Housing and will start at the end of March)



The Role of the Housing Association in the London Residential Development & Investment Market Moving Forward

What is the objective of a modern Housing Association & what are the Growth aspirations on Housing Associations in the London Market?

Which tenures are the priority and what is the view on Build to Rent, Shared Ownership, Social Rent & Affordable Rent?

How are they looking to structure JVs with Local Authorities, developers & investors?
Clare Miller, Group Chief Executive, Clarion Housing Group



Questions for Rob, Tom and Clare



The Political Interview

Now we have a new Government with a large majority are we likely to see a bold, radical & coherent housing policy?

What is likely to happen in the next phase of the Brexit process and what will it mean for the housing market? Will we see a resurgence?

Looking at London, where are we with the Mayoral race and where does housing really sit on the campaign priority list, when compared to crime, transport, and other priorities?

Are promises made on the campaign trail by Mayoral candidates really achievable without significant Government support?

What options exist politically to really change the housing market?

Steve Norris, Chairman, Soho Estates & ThisLand

Coffee & Networking Session



How can we deliver much needed new housing without compromising on quality and appearance?

How do we create a beautiful City of the future?

What is the purpose of the Government’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission?

Nicholas Boys Smith, Founding Director, Create Streets



Looking at Supply & Demand in the London Residential Development Market – what is really happening?
What is happening with Values across London & where are we seeing Growth?

Who is currently buying and what are the key factors in attracting these buyers?

The London Rental Market – what has been happening with Rental Values and where do we see them heading?

Is there a transition in the London Rental market from buy to let investors to institutions?

What is realistic with rental growth in the coming years?

Are there particular areas where there is more potential for growth in rents?

Is the value for both sales and rental now in Outer & Suburban London areas?

Katy Warrick, Director, Head of London Residential Research, Savills


Busting the myths in the London Residential Development Market – what the data really tells us, and how we can use it.

The truth about Starter Homes, Land Banking, Investor Sales, Build to Rent and other answers we can find from the power of market data.

Is the market for off plan sales vulnerable given it is dominated by one buyer demographic?

Where is really selling and which areas & price points are the real opportunity?
Tim Craine, Director, Molior London

Questions for Nicholas, Katy & Tim



The Power of Proptech & the Modern World - How will technology revolutionise the whole development process going forward?

We hear from five leaders in the proptech market about what technology is out there, what it can do, what is coming, what this means in real terms for Residential Development and how they are getting on with convincing the market to adopt it.


How can technology improve the overall Planning & Viability Process?

Why is now the time for Local Authorities & Developers to embrace the technology available to save on Time & Resources?

Daniel Mohamed, Founder & CEO, Urban Intelligence


Bringing community consultation into the digital age

How can technology increase engagement & developer trust to deliver what a community really wants?

Savannah de Savary, Founder and CEO, Built-ID


Reality Capture, BIM & Digital Construction – how can the process and it’s management be revolutionised by technology?

Nathan Savory, Reality Capture Account Manager, Leica Geosystems


With the growth in Modern Methods of Construction how can developers stay 2 steps ahead, to make sure what is delivered has longevity and relevance? Where might we be in five or ten years?

Jo Cowen, CEO, Jo Cowen Architects


How can technology revolutionise how development is funded?

What might the proptech sector itself achieve with more investment?

Mike Bristow, CEO & Co-Founder, CrowdProperty


Each panellist will present briefly (8 mins, 4 slides max) and there will then be a discussion of ideas covering:

How can we actually convince the industry to adopt proptech and new technology?

What is Proptech, how can we define it, and how could it disrupt the entire Residential Development Market? Why is change now coming and what forms will it take?

Where does Proptech fit into the New Digital Age and what is the timeframe for transformation?

How will proptech change the way we develop and sell property?

Will the delivery of housing and buildings in general soon be taken over by proptech, 3D printing and other innovations and will this make it more efficient and cost effective?

Networking Lunch Session for Speakers & Attendees



Case Study – Brentford

A new riverside town centre in the heart of West London

How can you build a new town centre and community hub which meets the needs of modern residents?

What do you need to deliver to make it work?

Looking at regeneration and delivering places where people want to live - how can developers deliver a desirable area to live and maximise value

How can you build a successful sales strategy on such a large-scale development?

What is needed nowadays to attract the right buyers?

John Mulryan, Managing Director, Ballymore



Case Study – Elephant Park
Delivering large scale regeneration in partnership with a local authority – what can be achieved?
How can developers find value in big regeneration projects and what do they mean for Housing delivery and changing communities for the better?

How can you get the mix of development right, both in terms of homes, business and leisure uses, and also in terms of tenure and unit mix?

Where do rental properties fit?

Kristy Lansdown, Project Director, Lendlease Development Europe



Questions for John & Kristy



The growing Alternative Residential Asset Classes – Build to Rent, Retirement Living, Student Housing & Co-Living

What is the future of Build to Rent in London & what lessons have we learnt?

In which locations does it really work as an investment?

Where is the opportunity for developers to deliver Build to Rent or include it in larger schemes?

How can it be achieved and why should Developers now be looking beyond the Traditional Development model?
What have proved to be the challenges when it comes to operating a management business and delivering returns?

How has the market proved to be different from the US Multi family market?

Where are the opportunities moving forward and what is the potential for large scale rental communities?
James Saunders, Chief Executive, Quintain


Understanding the Future Market Prospects for Retirement Living Products – why is it such an opportunity area?

Understanding Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Retirement Living Villages, Extra Care and Care Homes and what they all mean – where is the sweet spot?

Have perceived investment and reputational risks now been overcome and where are we with relevant legislation?

How might the market evolve over the next ten years in London – who are the customers and where is the demand?

What is the potential of a rental model in Retirement Living?

Tom Scaife, Partner – Head of Senior Living, Knight Frank

The London Student Housing Market – how is it performing?

Why is there still such capacity for development & why is demand so high?

How do new players enter the market?

Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Co-Living and Grad Living models – what is the potential of the evolving markets?

Why is innovation and communal living now such an attractive proposition?

James Kingdom, Head of Alternatives Research, JLL



Followed by a panel discussion on the growth of ‘Alternative’ Residential Assets in London
How does the Mayor view such growing sectors and will their delivery be encouraged?
Where do we stand in planning terms?
How will these alternatives grow in the next ten years are why are they such a big opportunity area?
James, Tom & James will be joined for this discussion by:
Ellen Storrar, Housing Policy Manager, GLA

Panel Session on new innovative models for living – how can we challenge the way housing is delivered and the way people live?
How are innovators entering the market and what can be achieved?
How might innovations and new models change the market moving forward?
Hear from panellists who are offering some innovative business models to do things differently.
Justin Shee, Founder & CEO, The Kohab
Tim Lowe, Founder & CEO, Lowe Guardians
Arthur Kay, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Skyroom
Rajdeep Gahir, CEO & Co-Founder, Vivahouse


Closing Remarks from Chair
Dominic Grace, Director, Head of London Residential Development, Savills

4.20pm - Close & Networking Drinks





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