Conference Agenda

8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am A Welcome from our Chairman
  • Confronting the Challenges and Opportunities in the Sector on the road to 2030

Speaker: Dominic Grace

09.45am Opening Address - Challenges and Opportunities in the London & South East Resi Market
  • What is happening in the market and what are the expected impacts of the rise in interest rates & current economic conditions?
  • How are supply, demand and pricing looking in 2023 and who are the buyers?
  • Where do sustainability & ESG now fit for the future of the sector and what is realistic when delivering zero carbon homes?
  • Is now the real opportunity to embrace innovation, new tenures & modern methods of construction?

Speaker: John Mulryan, Group Managing Director, Ballymore

10.05am The Role of Housing Associations and Partnerships in Housing Delivery
  • Which tenures are the priority and what is the view on Build to Rent, Shared Ownership, Social Rent & Affordable Rent?
  • How is a modern Housing Association looking to build partnerships and who with?
  • What is the Housing Association view on ESG and how can the Housing sector as a whole become more sustainable and demonstrate stronger social & environmental credentials?

Speaker: Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive, Metropolitan Thames Valley & Chair, G15

10.25am Interest Rates, House Prices, Rent Rises and Affordability – what is really happening to the London & South East Resi Development Market?
  • Where are we with prices, rents, sales volumes and demand across Central London, Outer London and other towns and cities in the South East Region?
  • What can we expect over the next 5 years?
  • Will the market continue to evolve from a more traditional home ownership society towards a wider range of rental products and how far will this go?

Speaker: Richard Donnell, Research & Insight Director, Zoopla

10.45am Questions for John, Geeta and Richard
11.00am Coffee and Networking Session
11.30am Making Sense of Place – What can London learn for other Cities around the Globe?
  • Understanding the relationship between people and the places that they live in – what is placemaking and how is this evolving?
  • What does this mean for places of the future, regeneration and the homes, towns and cities we live in?

Speaker: Chloe Beckett, Strategy Director, Hunter Design

11.50pm De-risking Residential Development
  • How does a developer in the current market plan the best possible exit strategy?
  • What sells and who is buying it?
  • How do you get your timings right in terms of delivery and releasing blocks for sale?
  • How do you create value by getting the mix of uses right? Where and how do you factor in amenities, commercial space, build to rent, alternatives and other mixed uses?
  • What kind of partnerships work best to make regeneration and housing delivery actually happen?
  • How do sell off plan, and why buy new build and why London?

Speaker: Katy Warrick, Director, Head of London Residential Research, Savills

12.10pm Questions for Chloe and Katy
12.20pm Residential Planning in 2023, the arrival of the Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill. What has really changed and how is planning for Residential Development now evolving?
  • Where does environmental legislation now fit into the planning system and is their sufficient clarity?
  • What are the key elements of the Resi Planning system to keep an eye on in the next couple of years?

Speaker: Claire Dutch, Partner, Co-Head of Planning and Environment, Ashurst

12.40pm The Great Zero Carbon Challenge for the Residential Property Industry
  • What are the key legislative dates and deadlines as we tick towards 2030?
  • Embodied Carbon - when to refurbish, and when to demolish?
  • How can we retrofit residential buildings to reduce the carbon footprint?
  • How can we deliver zero carbon development both in delivery and operation?
  • Why are Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) so crucial to these goals?
  • What innovations are we now seeing?

Speaker: Rory Bergin, Partner - Sustainable Futures, HTA

1.00pm Questions for Claire and Rory
1.15pm Networking Lunch Session
2.15pm The Political Interview
  • Has public confidence in the current Government been irreparably damaged, even with a new Prime Minister and have many planned changes and policies now been kicked into the long grass?
  • Can we expect a change in Government at the next election and what will this mean for housing delivery?
  • Can Sunak turn this around and what role will housing play in the list of priorities?
  • Looking at London – can housing targets really be met?

Speaker: Andy Teacher, Managing Director, Blackstock

2.40pm Looking at Case Studies of Innovative and Successful Regeneration

Speakers: Simon Murphy - Chief Executive Officer, Battersea Power Station Development Company,
Richard Margree, CEO, Knight Dragon

3.30pm Future of Rental Living – Build to Rent, Suburban Family and other Rental Living Products
  • How do we see this market evolving?
  • Are we seeing a growing evolution from traditional home ownership to rental living?
  • How can we bring forward socially conscious housing delivery & investment that embraces modern technology?
  • What does ESG really mean to the Residential Development Industry & how can we really deliver zero carbon homes?
  • What have we learnt about the wellbeing of residents and how can operators put this at the forefront of their operation?
  • Where does rental living fit in with regeneration and partnerships?
  • Where is the opportunity for housebuilders to evolve their business model to Rental Living?
  • How do we encourage more private and public sector collaboration?
  • Is a mixed tenure regeneration, across different tenures and age groups of rental living, an achievable and desirable goal in the long term?
  • Where are operators of Build to Rent schemes now looking?

Speakers: Sophie Hine, Head of Operations & Customer Build to Rent, John Lewis Partnership,
Charlie Weatherill, Capital Markets Director, Telford Homes, A Trammell Crow Company Developer,
Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living,
David Reid, Managing Director – Suburban Build to Rent, L&G

4.10pm Closing remarks from the Chair
4.20pm Close of Conference & Annual London Resi Drinks Reception