The power of networking in today’s prime UK property market

This autumn will bring many opportunities to the British and foreign property investor. Cooling measures enforced by the Bank of England has produced a surge in foreign investment. To illustrate this point, it was recently reported that the biggest group of foreigners to buy top London property through the month of July were property seekers from Italy, followed by France. This euro-zone demographic presents fresh hopes to those who relied upon last year’s influx of interest from the likes of Russia and the United Arab Emirates. In the same token, architects have seen a 31% rise in work from housing associations around the country compared with the same time last year, and Boris Johnson’s plans to open up the London marketplace further by increasing housing zones has the potential to create billions for several sectors.

Circulate to accumulate

These selected glimmering headlines are all very well, however, without a good network of people to form a coherent plan which covers all bases, these opportunities could pass you by. Networking is sometimes confused with selling. Good networking involves building long term relationships and gaining a good reputation over time. By investing time and effort through real conversations, meetings and exchanges, investment opportunities become more direct, which should lower costs over time by eliminating unnecessary parties.

The personable approach

The amount of online platforms for people to market on these days is increasing. While these sites connect professionals on the surface, recent data in 2014 revealed that 84% of business’ asked preferred in-person meetings, while 85% stated that face-to-face communications build stronger, more meaningful business relationships – vital for those involved in high-stake investments and big purchases. Face-to-face approaches through industry events allow you to network with not such anyone but the right people. This in turn gains high quality referrals which can be made into solid foundations for future interests.

The inside scoop

When in business, it is generally best to not assume that ‘news travels fast’. While the headlines paint a widespread view, through networking, you can often come across knowledge and projects which have avoided the mainstream gaze. Gain real insights into the industry’s biggest challenges and benefits first hand, then utilise this knowledge to formulate a plan that may be a step ahead of your competitors. As such strong demand is now coming from overseas, seeking out the best opportunities through networking has never been so prevalent. Being able to increase your confidence through knowledge within different marketplaces will only increase your influence and profile in the long term.

How we fit in

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In today's high-price, high-stakes UK property industry, personable networking is vital in order to venture into broader markets, gain valuable insights and uncover cost-effective deals